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Step into the captivating allure of Arabia, where year-long sunshine and enticing beaches create a perfect oasis for sun-seekers, while the region's impressive mega malls cater to the desires of every shopaholic. Yet, this spellbinding corner of the globe, nestled at the crossroads of East and West, promises a richness of experiences far beyond the sand and the stores, waiting to be discovered.

Arabia is a treasure trove of experiences that seamlessly blend history, leisure, sophistication, and serenity. Whether it's Oman's timeless heritage, Abu Dhabi's tranquil shorelines, Dubai's dynamic city life, Qatar's dazzling urban landscapes, or the unhurried pace of Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, each destination within Arabia promises an unforgettable journey laden with delightful surprises.


An extraordinary fusion of tradition and innovation, Dubai offers a mesmerizing ‘east-meets-west’ and ‘old-meets-new’ experience. It’s not just the year-round sunshine, the inviting waters of the Arabian Gulf, or the grandeur of its sprawling desert that make Dubai an exceptional travel destination. Our travel agency encourages you to delve deeper into the heart of Dubai, exploring its multifaceted identity. Adventure seekers can take exhilarating 4-wheel drives or camel rides across the desert, embark on enchanting moonlit cruises along the Creek, or enjoy a flurry of fun with skiing and tobogganing in the Snowdome. Those seeking a more laid-back experience will appreciate an enlightening visit to the Dubai Museum, or indulge in retail bliss at Dubai’s world-renowned malls and vibrant souqs. Explore Dubai with us, where endless opportunities for discovery await you.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, a delightful destination for family exploration, is eager to welcome you on a journey of spectacular experiences. Marvel at the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, revel in an adrenaline-infused adventure on the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World – the planet’s largest indoor theme park, or splash away the heat at Yas Waterworld. Take a tranquil stroll through the soothing Al Ain Oasis, engage in close encounters with diverse species at the enchanting emirate zoo, or relish a blissful day on Corniche’s expansive stretch of pristine white sandy beach. Plan your unforgettable Abu Dhabi adventure with us and embrace the unique blend of tranquillity and thrill that this radiant city has to offer.


The birthplace of Sinbad and the source of the aromatic treasure frankincense, Oman is as land of contrasts with a rich heritage. At a crossroads of ancient trading routes, its friendly and hospitable citizens, who have been welcoming visitors for hundreds of years, are justly proud of their carefully preserved culture and way of life. With landscapes ranging from towering sand dunes and lush tropical coastlines to high mountain peaks, turquoise fjords and wide golden beaches, once experienced, Oman is never forgotten – whether for a winter break by the beach, a desert adventure, a diving holiday or a trek in the mountains.


Once known mainly as a destination for business travellers, Qatar has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade. Thanks to the introduction of its esteemed 5 Star national airline, a vibrant influx of cultural and sporting attractions, and the rise of luxurious accommodations, Qatar has become a prominent layover spot on longer eastbound journeys. Today, it boasts an array of attractions that could fill a week or more. Having hosted internationally acclaimed events such as the World Cup and the Grand Prix, Qatar has firmly established itself as a hub of world-class sport and entertainment. As the buzz continues to grow around this rapidly ascending Middle Eastern jewel, we invite you to join us in exploring the dynamic, captivating charm of Qatar, a destination that truly leaves an imprint.

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