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The Americas

Every type of landscape, culture, cuisine and adventure is waiting to be discoverd in the Americas – from the highest peaks in the Andes and the Rockies to the wide river basins of the Amazon and the Mississippi and from the deserts of Nevada and Patagonia to the archipelagos of the Galapagos and the Caribbean. From tiny Caribbean dependencies to the world’s largest super powers, the Americas are home to every type of nation state.

United States

Embark on an enthralling journey across America’s breath-taking landscapes, bustling cities brimming with diverse cuisines and artistic treasures, and awe-inspiring landmarks that echo tales of times past and present. Whether you’re scaling the forest-clad mountains of the Northwest, soaking up the sun on California’s pristine beaches, thrilling to the excitement of Orlando’s iconic theme parks, or marveling at New York’s towering skyscrapers – there’s an endless array of experiences to be had. Each U.S. state, with its unique charm and diversity, promises a vibrant and distinct adventure. Allow us to help you uncover the authentic spirit of the USA, from its beautiful coastlines to its heartland, and everywhere in between.

The Caribbean

This treasure trove of dazzling turquoise seas, pristine sand beaches and glorious deserted islets also offers a laid-back lifestyle, romance, mystique and Robinson Crusoe appeal. Sailing and island hopping offer the best way to fully explore, with sheltered bays and coves offering up the perfect places to lay anchor. The Grenadines, Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas are island chains where sailing is the only way to see each jewel of an island. – whether by private yacht charter or on a shared vessel.


Mexico’s coastal resorts have an entrancing mix of pristine white-sand beaches, away-from-it-all luxury resort hotels, and ancient ruins and traditions. The eastern coastline meets the calm, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, whilst the western coastline greets the Pacific Ocean with dramatic cliffs and bays. However there’s more than beaches in this vast country of over 100 million people, so side trips to visit bustling Mexico City and its stunning restored colonial buildings, to Merida – a gorgeous colonial city about three hours inland from Cancun and ancient Mayan ruins just a short drive or day trip away from resorts on the Caribbean Coast, are all waiting to be discovered


Stretching as the world’s second-largest country, Canada promises a wealth of experiences beyond its sophisticated cities and towering peaks. This vast nation serves up a rich cultural tapestry, embracing an extraordinary diversity that extends from the gentle waves of the Pacific Coast to the shimmering shores of the Atlantic. Discover the myriad wonders that make Canada a truly unique and compelling destination.

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